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NO2ID - Stop ID cards and the database state


This web site belongs to Adrian Game. Please feel free to browse using the navigation buttons to the left. The site is in it's early stages so please pop back for updates!


This web site belongs to Adrian Game. Please feel free to browse using the navigation buttons to the left. The site is in it's early stages so please pop back for updates!

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Catagory: HARDWARE
Sub Catagory: AVR
Comment: KECANI was a site all about making a serial interface for connection between an MP3 player and a Kenwood CAR CD headunit using the CD changer connection. Unfortanatly it seems that the site has recently been discontinued.
DATE ADDED: 2006-11-27
Catagory: INTERNET
Sub Catagory: VOIP
Comment: One of the many SIP Voice Over IP firms currently avalible. I am currently giving them a try to see if they are any good but from the looks of the website - parts do not work - they may not be!
DATE ADDED: 2006-12-06
Catagory: MISC
Sub Catagory: News
Comment: Excellent site for all things Airbus A380 related. Links to articles about the A380 on other sites.
DATE ADDED: 2006-11-19
Sub Catagory: DK4
Comment: A useful Handel-C support Forum run by a department in Imperial College London. No nicities, just the bare essentials, Post, Reply and Search. Many people with excellent skills in DK know of the site, so if you have a problem with Handel-C ask it here!
DATE ADDED: 2006-11-21

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( 10-Jan-2010 )

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January 10th 2010: Gallery updates

Addtion of Malaysia 09 gallery. These are a selection of pictures from the most recent trip to Malaysia. I will eventually back date to previous vistits. Also added new pictures from Doha.

September 17th 2009: Gallery updates

I have completly rebuilt the gallery section. Mostly to make it easyer for me! Meta 11 and Doha pics now avalible.

September 14th 2009: General Up dates

Firstly our wedding photos can now been seen by all. Also I am doing general updates so you might find some java errors on some pages as they get refreshed

September 9th 2009: 09/09/09

Well I am at last going to add something to the site. After weeks of trying to remember how I wrote the site I have finaly put together a new article on Doha. It is not fully finished as I will be addding a few photos.

August 24th 2009: Updates to come

I hope in the coming weeks to to have some updates to the website.

March 9th 2009: Well it seems I am back

As the title suggests I am back. After 2 more years of PhD work i did not have the time to update or add to this site, hopefully that will change. For those that have left messages thanks, I will try and get back to answering them.

March 5th 2009: Some F***** hacked my site

Someone has hacked my site and put malware on it. Applogies if you got caught. Google: It might help to actual say what is the problem instead of just saying "you have a problem".

<UPDATE 1> I have reloaded everything but seem to have broken php, ssi and cgi.

<UPDATE 2> PHP is now working but formail cgi is not

May 13th 2007: Say no to ID

I have just joined the "NO2ID" group in the UK. If your against the Labour goverments introduction of the ID card, the website is worth a look. Link via the icon to the right!

February 28th 2007: Meta 12 Gallery Added

I have not had much time since December to add anything to this site but here is a small addition - Meta 12 photos.

December 1st 2006: IE6 Errors

I have seen that the site menu and some pages do not appear correctly under Internet Explorer 6. I will attempt to solve this soon.

<UPDATE>Have solved the problem using a CSS hack for the menu. Some pages might have problems with positions under IE6. I have also finished the page for Kenwood Remote.

November 30th 2006: New Parts to Site

For those few (roughly five people I expect) that have been visiting my site on and off (off mostly) you might notice some additions and changes. The site is now on version 2.0 as it has had major changes to the menu system since it started. The site now has a database links system as well, so please make use of it.

I have also added pages for the Kenwood changer Protocol, the iPod accessory connector, the iPod accessory protocol and lastly a page for the WAV file graphical viewer. Links for all these can be found in the menu.

I should also say that the java tooltip used in the menu and on links was developed by Walter zorn.

November 8th 2006: Site Started

Since 1999 I have had the domain name but have never really done very much with it! Time was spent on various other projects as well as my education! Well, time has come for a new site, a new host and a new domain.

The pages you will find here are a small snippet of my life. I hope that some of it is useful, I expect most of it will not be. Overtime I aim to build the site up, adding dynamic parts as well as more content.

For those of you that know me as Quenchmaster (my web alias) I would like to say hello from the real me!


Adrian Game

PS: I forgot to say that you will eventually be able to get to this site from any of the following domains: (I felt it was time to protect my online identities!)

Domains currently linking to this site
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Total 6 Domains

The original domain bought in 1999. Will always link here The new domains, again these will always link here! The new web alias domains, these will point here until I get second site going!