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Kenwood-Electronics1892 Audio Kenwood is a major player in the car audio market. They have several different versions of headunits for CARS, inlcuding CD players, MD players, slave units (control external accesories) as well as the more modern DVD and Navigation systems. They also have a line of accessories for all of these systems, which inlclude Disc Changers and Remotes controls.
Mp3car Forum1876 Audio An excellent forum for all things MP3 and CAR based. Many different areas from the basic car audio system to your own homemade Media/GPS system. Guides on the different hardware and software currently avalible as well as new projects.


mini-itx.com1865 Mini-ITX Mini-itx is a form factor for computer motherboards. It used to be the smallest and was very good for small installations, for example in cars. This website has two sections. The first is a collection of articles submitted by both the website owners and users of the site. The second is a webshop aimed at these small form factors and now includes the nano-itx which is now the smallest form factor around!
wiselan1885 Networking This company specialises in network components for the house, be it a standalone IT network, telephone network or both, these guys have the products. They also do products for audio visual distribution. The networking products are tailored for the small house installation where space is an issue.
Aria1892 Parts A fairly well priced computer sales site. Often has offers on many of the ranges. I bought my two TFT from these guys and would recommend them! Lets just hope they stay at the top - computer parts sites have a tendency to lose their edge after a few years!


Kecani1904 AVR KECANI was a site all about making a serial interface for connection between an MP3 player and a Kenwood CAR CD headunit using the CD changer connection. Unfortanatly it seems that the site has recently been discontinued.
Mictronics1921 AVR This site, Michaels Electronic Projects, is mostly about his Atmel AVR projects but it also has a few other information resources that are useful for many other hardware projects.
Farnell1851 Componenets Another electronic component sales company. Website is not so easy to navigate as RS and Maplins but have some items that the other do not.
Maplin1932 Componenets Used to be a great place for electronic components but now seems to cater for all things electronic - ie computer parts, radios etc. Would not rate them as the cheapest and would recomend RS for most things but Maplins is usefull sometimes.
RS Components1879 Componenets RS components is one of the worlds main electronic component sales groups. They have large ranges of electronic and mechanical parts as well as computer items, tools and health and safety equipment.
Digilentinc2120 FPGA Another company specilising in FPGA development boards. These guys use only Xilinx devices - Spartan or Virtex - but generaly have cheaper boards. They also do a small range of Atmel AVR boards but one of the key products is a cheap USB based JTAG cable.
Xilinx1890 FPGA One of the world leaders in the design and manufacture for FPGA and CPLD devices. They have many different products in each stream, giving the end user flexibility in the feature sets. These devices are not yet lead free which does pose some problems with import into the UK (Lead is now illegal in most electronic devices in Europe). They do have a range of development boards but those from the UK should look at both Digilent and Celoxica.
Apple1932 IPOD I shouldnt have to say much about this site...Apple the makers of the iPod. (and Macs but I shudder at the thought of them!)
Ipodlinux1943 IPOD This website is entirely devoted to getting Linux to run on iPods. They also have hardware information for the connections available on the iPod, which I have used in some of my projects.
JAE1928 IPOD JAE manufactures various connectors for use in the electronics industry but the main customer is Apple for iPod dock connector. The connector used in the iPod is a proprietary version of the DD1 connector.
Ridax iPod dock1903 IPOD The guys at iPodLinux were looking into the comunication used in the dock connector at the bottom of the iPod. Getting hold of the connector proved tricky, but this member has managed it. The site is simple but it serves its purpose which is the sale of many different types of the iPod dock connector.
Ftdichip1857 USB Ftdichip is a company based in Scotland but also have offices in the USA and Taiwan. The main product range from these guys is a set of chips that make it possible for electronic designs to easily comunicate with USB. They have chips that are aimed at RS232 connection and ones aimed at parallel busses. They have recently launched a USB host device which makes it possible to comunicate directly with flash drives. You will eventualy find some of my designs using these devices in the hardware and software sections of this website!


Intervoip1858 VOIP One of the many SIP Voice Over IP firms currently avalible. I am currently giving them a try to see if they are any good but from the looks of the website - parts do not work - they may not be!


Easytropicals1847 Gardening Good for tropical plants! From seeds to fully grown they have everything. Also have good comunication and customer responce if there are any problems
Jungleseeds1861 Gardening An excellent site for buying tropical seeds, plants and roots. I have been using the site to buy all by Hibiscus seed but they have plenty of other species to enjoy.
Bakewellpuddingshop1845 Misc The website for the original Bakewell pudding shop. I have not eaten the pudding from here - having given it to people next door - but I am sure its nice, the one from the shop nearby was!
DI FM1859 Misc Excelent internet radio for Dance music lovers. From trance through to DnB (ick) they have you covered!
Sayitwithbears1869 Misc If you want to send something different for any reason this is one of the best ideas I have found. Of course, the person getting the gift needs to like bears!
A380 News1854 News Excellent site for all things Airbus A380 related. Links to articles about the A380 on other sites.
BBC News1886 News Current UK and world wide news provided by the BBC.
Malaysia-today1874 News A well run and highly viewed website giving an alternative view on current affairs in and out of Malaysia. A combination of blogs (in both English and Malay) and links to news items from many different news sites across the world. (The site can sometimes be a bit slow due to high demand.)
reclaimyourdna.org1851 News If you have ever had you DNA taken by police but have never been convicted or cautioned then it is your right to have the DNA record distroyed. This site provides informaiton that should help to have this information removed.
Vistcoventry1879 Places Information for those visting Coventry in the UK. Some may say why visit Covetry? Well I can tell you there is more to do than meets the eye!
Airbus1845 Travel Airbus main website for news and developments for the airbus range of planes. Was quite useful for following developments in the new A380 but since the problems started with the delivery schedule, they have been a bit lax in updating the site.
Qatar Airways1897 Travel The national airline of Qatar. They are quite good and cheap as well if you are going to the Midle East and Asia.
Qatar Living1897 Travel A useful resource for people living or thinking of living in Qatar.
Qatarvisitor1916 Travel A good reference to Doha and Qatar as a whole.
Sharq Village & Spa1880 Travel A major hotel at the airport end of Doha near the older parts.
Somerset Appartments2001 Travel The appartments that my wife stayed in during the first few months in Doha
W Doha1898 Travel One of the many Hotels in the Westbay area. It is one of the newest.



Celoxica1921 DK4 Celoxica are a UK based company who provide development boards for many different FPGA / CPLD devices including Virtex, Spartans and some Alteria devices. They are also the company behind DK4 which uses Handel-C to provide a high level language for programmable hardware development. I currently use two versions of the RC203 (Basic and Expert) but would love to get hold of the RC300 version!
Handel-C Forum1853 DK4 A useful Handel-C support Forum run by a department in Imperial College London. No nicities, just the bare essentials, Post, Reply and Search. Many people with excellent skills in DK know of the site, so if you have a problem with Handel-C ask it here!
Codeproject1931 VB The codeproject is an excellent website for finding programming resources and articles. Although I have put it under VB as a sub-catagory, the site in fact has resources for nearly all of the main programming languages.
VBaccelerator1929 VB This site was quite usefull for me two years ago when I wrote my WAV render control (the control is a development of the VB6 version found at this site) but it seems that I has not been updated recently. However it still has some good resources for VB programming.



Enttect1870 Lighting A lighting control company that has many products for use with a computer based system. They also have some of the newest DMX over ethernet systems I have seen. I did have the luck of seeing the prototype for the independant lighting desk - EVO - which had touch screen control - it seems to have been discontinued now unfortunately.


uk2.net1869 DOMAIN REGISTRAR A cheap but good domain registration site for the UK. Hosting is also available but domain registration comes with free redirect and name-server setting functions. Full DNS capability is also available at extra cost.
Ixwebhosting1864 HOSTING This is the webhosting company that I use. At first sight they look more expensive, but what they offer is a cut above the rest. With 8 domains (and static IPs) you are not limited to just one website, and if you are like me you can have many alternative domains pointing at the same site for no extra.